Thank you 2023

We aim to make our final message of the year brief yet impactful. Our gratitude is profound, and the accomplishments of both our team and Fellows are equally remarkable.

  • We welcomed a record-breaking 35 New Fellows this year.
  • We launched our Advisory Council, composed of over 30 experienced business professionals, all driven by the same core values to transform children’s lives.
  • We ran our very first Corporate Advisathon, allowing corporate employees to work alongside a local non-profit and solve a specific problem.
  • And of course, 2023 was a year of exciting events allowing our Network to witness firsthand the work of our Fellows which we invite you to revisit anytime. 

February 21, 2023: FORUM with AFRICAN EDUCATION PROGRAM, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Julie-Anne Savarit-Cosenza.

March 21, 2023: AMBASSADOR CIRCLE with SERES Leader, Sara Hurtarte

April 18, 2023: FORUM with RED DOT FOUNDATION Founder & CEO, ElsaMarie D’Silva

June 7, 2023: A Fireside Chat with Guru Singh “On Conscious Leadership”

June 8-14, 2023: SUMMIT, Presenting the culmination of the work of our 2022 Gratitude Network Fellows

August 22, 2023: FORUM with PROJET JEUNE LEADER Founder & Executive Director Maia Ramarosandratana

September 19,2023: AMBASSADOR CIRCLE in Pleasanton, With OAKLAND NATIVES GIVE BACK, Founder & CEO, Nyeisha DeWitt

October 24, 2023: FORUM on Healthy Futures, with an panel of 3 Gratitude Network Fellows: Dr. Gabriella Woo, Executive Director of AMOS HEALTH & HOPE, Varsha Venugopal, Co-Founder of SUVITA, Renata Couto, Executive Director of DESIDERATA INSTITUTE 

Starting January 2024, we’ll have exciting news to announce starting with the launch of our Applications for our 2024 Fellows.

For now, we simply would like to remind you to consider: 

1) A tax-deductible donation of any amount to help our program grow and thrive by helping our Fellows to TRIPLE THEIR IMPACT on Children’s education, health access and basic human rights.

2) Following us on Social where we post weekly updates of amazing nonprofit work changing the lives of over 47 Million children.

Holiday Gratitude & Cheers,

Steve McCoy-Thompson

& The Gratitude Network Team

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