Suit Up

New York (United States)

“I am a stronger, results-driven leader after working with my Gratitude Network Coach. The Gratitude Network has given me the love and support I need to scale my organization. I would recommend the Gratitude Leadership Program for any leader that truly has the time for constructive coaching and reflection about their business.”


Lauren Reilly

A Breeze of Hope Foundation

Bolivia (South America)

“We believe that, to prevent sexual violence and other forms of violence against children, especially girls, there must be a paradigm shift in the way society sees and interacts with children. In essence, we must work with this generation’s children to prevent the next generation’s problems.


Brisa De Angulo

Whiz Kids Workshop

Ethiopia (East Africa)

“Grateful for the leadership skills Gratitude Network has given me. It has allowed me to set goals and move at a faster pace when producing three children television shows: Tsehai Loves Learning, Involve Me – Watch Me, and Little Investigators.”


Bruktawit Tigabu

Tune Into Reading

Florida (United States)

“I now think of our organization as a ‘social enterprise’ more than as a ‘business’. It’s a fundamental shift in my thinking about our opportunities and our strategy.”


Carlo Franzblau


Gratitude Network offers a unique opportunity for you, your family and your organization to support or engage with dynamic Social Entrepreneurs around the world! We use a “social venture impact” model to screen and select high potential nonprofits (from 1,000+ applications each year) and help them grow their impact by 3X or more.

We invite you to learn about our approach to solve some of the biggest global challenges here:

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Global Challenges

The challenges that affect children around the world seem daunting.


affects almost 250 million children worldwide. Approximately 40%, mostly girls, drop out by secondary school.


is a global concern where 60,000 children are exploited for commercial gain in Thailand alone each year.


affects 21% of all US children (about 15 million and 356 millions globally).


Gratitude Network Solutions

The good news? There are thousands of nonprofit leaders who devote their lives every day to helping these children – to advance in school; to find health, shelter and safety; to help break the cycle of poverty and reach their potential. Our approach is simple, but powerful: help these organizations do what they do best, by enabling their leadership to scale for impact.


We find the best, most impactful organizations around the world through a rigorous screening process. From over 1,500 applicants annually, we select approximately 30 as Gratitude Fellows.


We provide our Fellows with top-level 1:1 leadership coaching from volunteer coaches, expert advisors, peer support and more. Our year-long fellowship addresses priority issues – defined by the Fellows – with leadership and team building support, strategic planning, and a comprehensive Scaling Up curriculum


Our goal is to help social entrepreneurs scale their organizations to build on what they do best and to help 50 million children reach their potential. With your support, we have enabled the following impact worldwide.

“I grew so much in my leadership role during the fellowship – (my team) is more productive because I learned how to better delegate and prioritize.”

— Kakenya Ntaiya, Kakenya’s Dream

“We worked on leadership development, board and team building, and monitoring and evaluation of impact. Gratitude helped me utilize our app and develop an online course on human rights.”

— Joseph Osuigwe, Devatop Centre for Africa Development