Corporate Philanthropy

Whatever your corporate social responsibility goals, you can find a match within the Gratitude Network.

Your corporate responsibility program may match the Gratitude Network in any number of ways. You can make an impact in the same geographical area where your headquarters resides, or in any place in the world where you have financial and social interests.

Whether you are interested in supporting Education, Health and Well-being, or Human Rights, you will find incredible opportunities to make a difference. If you truly desire to influence the future of everyone on the planet, look no further than the children and youth we serve globally, who have their whole lives ahead of them and whose trajectory will change with  your support.

One of the best things about supporting the Gratitude Network is the concept of ROI.

Because you are accelerating the leadership skills of vetted, brilliant, passionate, and diverse on-the-ground social entrepreneurs who are creatively solving urgent problems, you can reach more people and make a wider difference than you could ever imagine.

And because we can direct your support to a customized offering of the programs you want to support, your return on investment can also be focused on the people and places you care about most.

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Companies of all sizes support our mission to transform lives of children and youth around the world.

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Have a CSR requirement?

Have Employee Resource Groups that you are eager to support?

Wish for your contribution to benefit a local, national, or international community?

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We can design giving and benefit packages that are customized to your company’s CSR goals and values.

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