Gratitude Network Summit 2023

Conscious Leadership: a fireside chat with Guru Singh

“We can set ourselves up to make leadership as important to us as breathing and compassion… as meaningful as conscious breath.”

Guru Singh, Master Spiritual Teacher
Gratitude Network Summit | June 7, 2023

For the opening of our 2023 Summit, watch (or rewatch) Gratitude Network Founder Randy Haykin in conversation with Guru Singh on Conscious Leadership.

In this conversation, we’ll explore the principles and practices of conscious leadership – including the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and mindfulness as a leader.

Guru Singh is a celebrated 3rd generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, scientist and musician. He teaches conscious living through the tools of Kundalini yoga, meditation, humanology and harmonic sound. Since birth, Guru Singh has been influenced by the ancient teachings from multiple cultures, and subsequently studied and taught them with a deep passion. Using the discoveries of mysticism along with the processes of modern science he translates this wisdom into a language with real and practical meaning for the 21st century. Guru Singh was one of the original partners to conceive of and build the Gratitude Network in 2012 and has played a key mentoring role in the growth of the Gratitude Network in the past ten years.

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