2021 Organizations

To date, Gratitude Network has worked with over 140 Gratitude Leaders impacting children and youth in more than 60 countries. While focused on the broad categories of Education, Health & Well-being, and Children’s Rights, our Fellows are impacting children in Education Access, Teacher Support, Online Education, Poverty Alleviation, Girls’ Empowerment, Child Safety, and so many more critical areas.

  • Education
  • India

Building stronger & healthier characters in children, parents & educators through Human Values & Life Skills Education programs

ValEd transforms education and learning with values, life skills and socio-emotional learning (SEL) that inspires righteousness, goodness and empowerment, for everyone.


  • Mayank Solanki
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • US – West

Building resilience and developing life skills that energize students’ mind, body, emotion and connection

Vivensity seeks to transform communities by empowering youth with engaging and actionable solutions for day to day situations.


  • Preeti Shrikhande
  • Education
  • US – West

Empowering marginalized Oakland, CA youth leadership to pave way for more peaceful, creative, and equitable urban community

United Roots’ mission is to engage and empower marginalized youth in socially innovative ways ie. arts & media training, career & workforce development, community engagement & wellness services.


  • Rosalyn Reed
  • Education
  • US – West

Inspiring excitement for learning in young boys of color by matching them with mentors who look like them

Urban Ed’s vision is for every San Francisco student to have 1 male teacher of color before middle school. UEA makes this possible through teacher recruitment, culturally responsive training, and teacher support including housing.


  • Randal Seriguchi, Jr.
  • Education
  • Southern Africa

Delivering books and working with teachers and volunteers to help get more children reading

The Book Bus improves child literacy rates by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them. The Book Bus Foundation’s mission is to increase the levels of child literacy so that no child suffers from the disadvantages of not being able to read.


  • Monica Chansa Mulenga
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Global

Preventing speech loss by screening newborns for hearing loss in global resource-poor settings

Sohum Innovation Lab develops design, technology, and implementation solutions to improve hearing health, prevent disability, and improve access to aid for people living in resource-poor settings.


  • Nitin Sisodia
  • Education
  • US – West

Helping the homeless Keiki succeed

Project Hawai’i enhances the lives of homeless children by providing year round programs that work together to help the homeless children succeed and end their cycle of poverty across the Hawai’i island, O’ahu, and Mau’i.


  • Magin Patrick
  • Children’s Rights
  • East Africa
  • Middle East / Northern Africa

Empowering teen girls to become leaders of today & tomorrow

Project Soar builds the capacity of underserved teen girls to be leaders of today and tomorrow through a signature empowerment program based off the 5 Pillars of Empowerment– every girl deserves to know her Value, Voice, Body, Rights, and Path.


  • Maryam Montague
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Southern Africa

Empowering young adolesents to make healthy and informed sexual health decisions

Projet Jeune Leader’s mission is to empower young adolescents in Madagascar to make health, informed sexual health decisions from puberty into adulthood, with the goal of reducing rates of teenage pregnancy, risky sexual behaviours, and school drop outs.


  • Maia Ramarosandratana
  • Education
  • US – East

Increasing literacy through access to digital learning games

Read to Lead aids students in low-income communities develop literacy skills. By creating digital learning games set in the professional world and supporting educators in creating student-centered classrooms, students take charge of their learning.


  • Christina Oliver