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There are many ways to join the Gratitude Network and transform the lives of children in the U.S. and around the world. For individuals, community, corporate, foundation and student leaders and learners: Choose one and start now. 


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Are you a Gratitude Network Ambassador or Supporter interested in going the extra mile & sharing why our model and program is making significant impact for children & youth around the world?

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You can also donate: one-time or set up a recurring gift.

Why donate monthly?

By setting up a recurring donation (monthly, quarterly,…) it allows our team to forecast on-going and consistent support, resulting in more efficiency and effectiveness of our Operations.

We make it also convenient for you and for our bigger donations to be spread over time.

We also understand that circumstances change and you can easily stop your recurring commitment at any time.

If you have any questions about recurring donations, please feel free to reach out to agatha@gratitude-network.org

Share Inspiring Content

Share the testimonial of one of our fellows Rebecca Davis from MindLeaps or choose another one of our recent stories or blog post to share with your network.

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We host about 12 zoom events sessions per year – some exclusively for our Ambassadors and some open to our entire Gratitude Network – each of them with a different topic/focus.

Every single time, you will have the opportunity to meet one or more social change-maker(s) and you will leave these sessions inspired and part of an impactful collective of people dedicated to change the lives of children around the world.

We invite you to check our most recent and upcoming events on our Zoom Hub

Students Get Involved!

Getting involved with the Gratitude Network, through volunteering or an internship is a great way for students to gain valuable skills, build their resume, and grow networks, while making a meaningful impact on children worldwide.

Engage Your School

By partnering with the Gratitude Network your school can provide students with valuable learning opportunities about leadership, while also helping to make a positive impact in their community and worldwide.

Please reach out via the form below if you’re interested in a collaborative project or in hosting a fundraising event.