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Gain the knowledge and guidance to grow as a leader and scale your organization.

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    What is the Gratitude Fellowship Program?

    Free 1 year program (July-June)

    Fellows learn and develop through these program components*:

    – Leadership Coaching
    – Peer Networking
    – Scaling-Up Curriculum
    – Networking Events & Activities

    Monthly Virtual sessions
    Approximately 7-10 hour monthly commitment

    Learn more about ‘Our Model & Impact’

    *Please note: The Fellowship is conducted in English. Applicants should have an advanced to fluent command of the English language.

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    Eligibility Requirements

    The Gratitude Network Fellowship Program is for both the organization’s leader and organization’s development. Applicants and the organization must meet the below eligibility requirements.



        – Legally registered non-profit, charity, NGO organization

        – At least two years old

        – Must have at least two full-time employees (including the applicant)

        – Beneficiaries must primarily be children/youth and served in one of the following categories: Education, Health and Well-being, Children’s Rights

        – Ready to scale and expand the impact of the organization



        – Has strategic decision making power for the organization

        – Committed full-time to the organization

        – Ready and interested to lead the organization through scaling and expanding impact

        – Adhere to the time commitments and schedule of the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program

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    Application Process

    Application Open Period: Jan 9 – Mar 5, 2023 

    Please read the sections below carefully prior to applying. or download the Gratitude Fellows Application Process

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    Benefits of Fellowship Program


       – Increased Leadership Confidence

       – Leads team more effectively

       – Knows leadership strengths and opportunities


       – Aligned leadership team

       – Clear expansion vision relevant to their community

       – Multi-year strategic plan for executing the vision

       – Scale


       – Change in Impact Trajectory

       – Increase in Children and Youth Impacted

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    Online Application

    Applications for our 2023 cohort are now closed! 2024 Fellowship Applications will open January 2024.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Prior to starting your application, we recommend that you review these Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are the time commitments for the Gratitude Network Fellowship?
    A. The average monthly time commitment for Gratitude Network Fellows is 7-10 hours per month

    Q. When does the Gratitude Network Fellowship start?

    A. Our 2023 Fellowship Cohort will be on-boarded in June 2023, with official program sessions starting in July 2023.

    Q. What is the application deadline?

    A. For the 2023 Cohort, the deadline to complete Part 1 of the application is March 5, 2023. The deadline to complete Part 2 of the application is March 26, 2023. Selected applicants meeting the minimum eligibility requirements will be invited to complete Part 2 of the application. Applicants will undergo an internal review after Part 2 submissions and selected candidates will be invited to complete Part 3 of the application, due April 9, 2023.

    Q. What is the age range for “children and youth beneficiaries”?
    A. 25 years and younger

    Q. Are there any costs or fees for the Fellowship or to apply?
    A. There is no cost or fee to apply or participate in the Fellowship if selected.

    Q. What type of organizations are eligible to apply? What classifies as a legally registered non-profit, charity, NGO organization?
    A. Organizations applying for the Gratitude Network Fellowship, must be able to provide their non-profit organization status via registration and recognition by an official registry or governmental body

    Examples of charity/non-profit registration status include, but are not limited to:

    – 501c3 status in USA

    – Charity commission number in the UK

    – NGO registration under Societies Registration Act, Indian Trusts Act, or Companies Act (Section 8) in India

    – Equivalent non-profit registration in headquarter country

    Fiscally Sponsored organizations are eligible to apply
    Projects within larger organizations are not eligible to apply

    Q. What is classified as a 2 year old organization?
    A. The Gratitude Network accepts organizations that are 2 years old from their founding date, even if you only recently received legal non-profit registration status.

    Q. What qualifies as two full time employees?
    A. We are looking for organizations that have the equivalent of two full time staff.
    One of these full-time employees should be the applicant
    However, the other staff member could be 2 part-time staff that make up another full time position.

    Q. What types of services are included in the focus on Education, Health and Well-being, Children’s Rights?
    A. Education – such as school systems, training of teachers, education technology, and early childhood programs as well as how/what children learn at school or outside of the classroom (e.g. after-school or summer programs).
    Health and Well-being – such as addressing children’s basic needs, including poverty alleviation, nutrition, water, safe shelter, disease prevention, mental health, and social-emotional health.
    Children’s Rights – such as protecting children and families from abuse, exploitation, trafficking, incarceration, and other harm, as well as other advocacy.

    Q. What does ‘ready to scale’ mean?

    A. Organizations that are entering a “growth stage” beyond the “startup phase”. Generally this means that organizations at a minimum have a clear vision of the problem they are addressing, an effective solution that is in use, and can track and demonstrate the impact of that solution.
    We are looking for organizations that are ready to expand or deepen programing to make a larger impact on beneficiaries.
    This can include reaching more beneficiaries, starting new programs, adding more staff, further developing program offerings.

    Q. What does ‘strategic decision making power’ for the applicant mean?

    • The role of the applicant should be one of the following or of a similar level:

    – Founder/Co-Founder

    -Executive Director


    • As the applicant you are leading the organization and can influence and oversee the direction, aims and objectives of the organization at large

    Q. What does ‘committing to the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program’ encompass?

       – Attending monthly virtual cohort learning and peer sessions

       – Meeting monthly with coach (virtually, in-person if location allows)

       – 7-10 hour monthly time commitment

       – Will NOT be receiving other formal coaching/mentoring support during the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program year (July – June)

    Q. Are faxed or emailed applications accepted?

    A. No – faxed/emailed applications are not accepted.

    Q. Can multiple applications be submitted?

    A. No – please only submit one application per applicant/organization.

    Q. Can changes be made to the application once it’s submitted?

    A. No – changes cannot be made to an application once it’s submitted.

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