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Get the guidance to pivot, scale, and grow personally.

As a Gratitude Leader (Fellow), how will you benefit?

Many of our Gratitude Leaders share that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Some of them have stated that their year as a Gratitude Leader completely changed their perspective and helped them to pivot, scale, and personally grow in ways they never could have previously dreamed.

There are so many benefits to being a Gratitude Leader. You will:

  • Gain new perspectives and increased confidence in yourself and in your team
  • Receive insights on how to better manage the unique problems and challenges you face
  • Get clarity on strategy, best practices, and how to scale your organization
  • Understand how to gain a better life balance as you pursue your passions
  • Learn from like-minded peers all around the world

Ultimately, you will serve the children and youth you care about with deeper impact.
And once a Gratitude Leader, always a Gratitude Leader! You will form lifelong friendships and bonds.

Please note: the application period for our 2022 cohort is now closed and we will be open for new applications in 2023. Please join us then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to starting your application, it is recommended that you review the Gratitude Network Fellowship Application Preparation Guide.

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    The Gratitude Leader (Fellow) Experience

    Once you are selected for the Gratitude Leadership Program, you have an exciting year ahead. You will join a cohort of approximately 40 to 50 other Gratitude Leaders who run organizations all around the world, and you will learn and grow together.

    To begin, you will be matched and will meet monthly with one of our highly-skilled Coaches. These one-on-one sessions will give you great insight into solving the unique problems you are facing and will supercharge your leadership skills.

    In February, you will meet the other Gratitude Leaders, as well as many of the donors and supporters who support the Gratitude Network. And in June, you will join a two-day Leadership Summit to collaborate and learn. (This event may take place virtually or in person.)

    If and when you run into operational challenges, your Coach will connect you with one of our sought-after Expert Advisors, who can step in as needed to offer deep expertise on particular issues.

    On a regular basis throughout the year, you will meet with the other Gratitude Leaders in your Cohort for a leadership roundtable. You will also be invited to Growth Webinars to tackle common challenges together.

    Finally, in November, you will be invited to a Leadership Huddle, which offers an opportunity to reflect on your successes and meet the Gratitude Leaders who have been selected for the following year.

    In addition to coaching, advising, and peer support, you will gain visibility on the Gratitude Network website, Facebook page, email newsletter, and at various live and virtual events.

    The best part of your experience is that once you graduate from the Fellowship Program, there are a lifetime of benefits available. We value our Gratitude Leadership family, and you will be invited to future events and ongoing activities.

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    Are You Eligible?

    In order to be considered for the Gratitude Leadership Program, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Social enterprise is at least one year old.
    • Social enterprise must have at least two full-time employees (including the applicant).
    • Social enterprise’s beneficiaries must primarily be children/youth.
    • Social enterprise must be serving children/youth in one of the following categories:

    Education such as school systems, training of teachers, education technology, and early childhood programs as well as how/what children learn at school or outside of the classroom (e.g. after-school or summer programs).

    Health and Well-being such as addressing children’s basic needs, including poverty alleviation, nutrition, water, safe shelter, disease prevention, mental health, and social-emotional health.

    Children’s Rights such as protecting children and families from abuse, exploitation, trafficking, incarceration, and other harm, as well as other advocacy.

    • Applicant is committed full‐time to the social enterprise organization.
    • Applicant has strategic decision making power for the social enterprise as the organization’s Founder/Co-Founder, Executive Director, CEO, or similar level role.
    • Applicants will not be receiving formal coaching/mentoring support during the Gratitude Leadership Program year (2021).
    • Applicants and social enterprise organizations are interested and ready to scale the organization.
    • Applicants are able to adhere to the time commitments of the Gratitude Leadership Program.
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    Application Process

    Prior to starting your application, it is recommended that you review this Application Process as well as the Gratitude Leaders Application Preparation Guide.

    The Gratitude Network Fellowship application consists of two parts:

    • Part 1 – Preliminary Questions: A preliminary questionnaire designed to confirm alignment with the Gratitude Leadership Program criteria. Applicants who meet the requirements will be invited to complete Part 2 of the application.
    • Part 2 – Additional Questions: A full length application inquiring more deeply about the applicant and social enterprise organization.
    • For the 2022 Cohort, the deadline to complete Part 1 of the application is August 30, 2021. The deadline to complete Part 2 of the application (for invited applicants) is September 13, 2021.
    • Invitations to complete Part 2 of the application will be sent throughout the application period. All Part 2 invited applicants were notified by September 6, 2020.
    • All Part 2 applications will be screened and reviewed by the Gratitude Network Judging Panel.
    • All applicants will be notified of their selection status by December 2021.
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    Preparation Guideline

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    Online Application

    PLEASE NOTE:  Applications window is now closed for 2022 cohort and will our application process will resume in 2023.

    Find Our Online Application Form Here

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Prior to starting your application, we recommend that you review these Frequently Asked Questions as well as the Gratitude Leadership Program Application Preparation Guide.

    Q. What are the time commitments for the Gratitude Leadership Program?
    A. The average monthly time commitment for Gratitude Leaders is 3.5 hours and additional time commitment for the optional in-person Gratitude Leadership Summit in June 2022.

    Q. When does the Gratitude Leadership Program start?

    A. There are two 2022 Gratitude Leadership start dates: January and March 2022. You will be asked your preferred start date although no guarantee is made. Fellows for both the January and March Cohorts will be selected during this single application period.

    Q. What is the application deadline?

    A. For the 2022 Cohort, the deadline to complete Part 1 of the application is August 30, 2021. The deadline to complete Part 2 of the application is September 13, 2021. Selected applicants meeting the minimum eligibility requirements will be invited to complete Part 2 of the application.

    Q. What is the age range for “children and youth beneficiaries”?
    A. Individuals still completing secondary education (regardless of age) are considered youth.

    Q. What types of organizations are eligible?
    A. Both nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises are eligible.

    Q. Can the application be saved and completed later?
    A. Part 1 of the application consists of 13 preliminary questions. It cannot be saved and must be completed in one sitting. Part 2 of the application can be saved and completed later.

    Q. Are faxed or emailed applications accepted?
    A. No – faxed/emailed applications are not accepted.

    Q. Can multiple applications be submitted?
    A. No – please only submit one application per applicant/organization.

    Q. Can changes be made to the application once it’s submitted?
    A. No – changes cannot be made to an application once it’s submitted.

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