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Gratitude Network Forum with Projet Jeune Leader

Tuesday August 22, 2023

8:30-9:15am PT on Zoom

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The GRATITUDE NETWORK FORUM is a 45min Zoom Event highlighting the amazing work of a Gratitude Network alum. Hosted at 8:30AM PT, this short event will jumpstart your day with inspiration as you meet an impactful social change-maker.

This session will feature Founder & Executive Director of Projet Jeune Leader: Maia Ramarosandratana.

Projet Jeune Leaders vision is to bring comprehensive sexuality education to all youth across Madagascar, driven by demand from local communities. Their Educators work full time in public schools to teach timetabled comprehensive sexuality education classes and provide holistic support services to adolescents.


Meeting Fellow organizations such as Projet Jeune Leader and sharing the important work they do to improve access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Education worldwide is one important way you can help. 

If you can’t attend,  another way to help is to MAKE A DONATION which will support our Gratitude Network Program and allow more Social Impact Leaders to join our One-Year Scaling-Up Curriculum.

“When women are educated about their sexual and reproductive rights, they become agents of change and advocates for a better world.”

– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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