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To date, Gratitude Network has worked with over 200 Fellows impacting children and youth in 70 countries. While focused on the broad categories of Education, Health & Well-being, and Children’s Rights, our Fellows are impacting children in Education Access, Teacher Support, Online Education, Poverty Alleviation, Girls’ Empowerment, Child Safety, and so many more critical areas.

  • Education
  • Global

Abolishing extreme poverty and human suffering in India, Mexico & the US

Tripura Foundation seeks to deliver hope to children living in poverty, hunger, violence, disease, inequality and exploitation, believing that all children should reach their potential and contribute to their community and the world at large.


  • Elaine Kueper
  • Education
  • India

Assists in care and rehabilitation of mentally challenged and special needs at state-run residential facilities

Poor quality of education for students in underprivileged communities in India leading them to drop out from school. U&I are Building Communities of Change.


  • Ajit Sivaram
  • Education
  • Global

Empowering and upskilling teachers so that more children will learn better

The Commonwealth Education Trust’s mission is to transform teacher development by providing ongoing professional learning opportunities and mobilizing a global teacher community to create real change in their classrooms.


  • Kat Thorne
  • Education
  • India

Developing social and emotional learning, life skill development and character strengthening through Art

Saturday Art Class is developing Social Emotional Learning in children from low income communities, through art, by complementing the formal education system.


  • Manasi Mehan
  • Education
  • East Africa

Improving educational outcomes in Africa through access to qualified content

Shule Direct is improving educational outcomes of students and teachers in Africa through access to qualified content on available ICT.


  • Fatma Said Kauga
  • Children’s Rights
  • India

Addressing the grave issue of runaway children through rescue and rehabilitation

SOCH’s mission is to realise the rights of deprived children and their rehabilitation, protect them from going in to dangerous situations, and further efforts to make some of them de-addicted by our residential rehabilitation camps


  • Manoj Kumar
  • Education
  • US – West

Bolstering healthy relationships by teaching students tools to self-regulate, support friends, and resolve conflict

Soul Shoppe’s mission is to create safe learning environments that bring forth a culture of compassion, connection and curiosity—eliminating bullying at the roots.


  • Vicki Abadesco
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • US – West

Fostering healthy development, self-awareness and self-expression through movement based programming

Project Commotion’s Mission is to foster healthy development in children of all abilities through purposeful movement, play, and family and community relationships.


  • Susan Osterhoff
  • Children’s Rights
  • India

Creating safer public and private spaces for individuals, communities, police and city government

Red Dot Foundation aims to make cities safer by encouraging equal access to public spaces for everyone especially women, through the use of crowdsourced data, community engagement and institutional accountability.


  • ElsaMarie D’Silva
  • Education
  • Global

Introducing kids to technology, math & science utilizing multilingual educational AI companion

ROYBI’s mission is to provide a personalized learning experience for every child, highlighting their unique abilities and interests. ROYBI creates a strong educational foundation during early childhood..


  • Elnaz Sarraf