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To date, Gratitude Network has worked with over 200 Fellows impacting children and youth in 70 countries. While focused on the broad categories of Education, Health & Well-being, and Children’s Rights, our Fellows are impacting children in Education Access, Teacher Support, Online Education, Poverty Alleviation, Girls’ Empowerment, Child Safety, and so many more critical areas.

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Central America / Carribbean
  • South America

Digitizing access to $10 trillion dollar street market economy, connecting traveler to street vendors

The mission of Vendedy was to create a mobile marketplace that connects travelers to street vendors of the developing world by centralizing the world’s 200,000 street markets across 190+ countries in one place.
  • Founder
  • Christine Souffrant
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • India

Revolutionizing solid waste management averting dumped waste back to compost farm sites

The mission of Waste Capital Partners (formerly Waste Ventures) is to revolutionize solid waste management in India by composting organic waste – to sell to farmers. This ‘table-to-farm’ approach averts 80% of waste from being dumped, employs waste pickers, reduces greenhouse gases.


  • Co-Founder
  • Rob Whiting
  • Education
  • East Africa

Equipping adolescent girls in Kenya with tools to safely navigate puberty and step into their potential

ZanaAfrica is a hybrid social enterprise that equips East African females with vital feminine hygiene products and related health education to help them stay in school among other benefits.


  • Megan Mokri
  • Education
  • Global

Leveraging technology to publish children’s books digital platforms in their mother tongue

The mission of NABU (formerly Library For All) is to provide a digital library solution for individuals in developing countries with limited access to quality educational materials. The platform is optimized for low-broadband environments and operates on devices already available.


  • Tanyella Evans
  • Education
  • US – Midwest

Giving a helping hand to underperforming schools to turn around the lives of struggling students

The mission of Matchbook Learning targets underperforming schools with a competency-based, technology enabled turnaround model with blended school design and implementation and coaching of master teachers.


  • Founder
  • Sajan George
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Global

Automating the carbon footprint measurement to improve the future lives of generations to come

Located in England, Carbon Analytics is revolutionizing business by bringing instant environmental impact assessment and management to every company directly from their accounting data.


  • Michael Thorton
Antonio Aguilar
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Central America / Carribbean

Designing & contructing sustainable homes in Guatamala

CASSA’s mission is to design and build self-sufficient social housing that provides its residents with clean water, clean energy and sanitation. These customized and affordable homes integrate technologies to provide users with vital services.


  • Antonio Aguilar