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To date, Gratitude Network has worked with over 200 Fellows impacting children and youth in 70 countries. While focused on the broad categories of Education, Health & Well-being, and Children’s Rights, our Fellows are impacting children in Education Access, Teacher Support, Online Education, Poverty Alleviation, Girls’ Empowerment, Child Safety, and so many more critical areas.

  • Education
  • US – National

Closing the reading achievement gap through coaching and training of teachers

The Springboard Collaborative closes the reading achievement gap by coaching teachers, training family members, and incentivizing learning such that our scholars have the requisite skills to access life opportunities.


  • Alejandro Gac-Artigas
  • Education
  • East Africa

Creating jobs for talented youth and women in urban slums in Kenya

Livelyhoods creates jobs for youth in Kenyan slums so they can work their way out of poverty and actualize their potential. Livelyhoods employs youth to sell life-changing products in their communities.


  • Tania Laden
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Asia
  • India

Powering infrastructure for clean water for all

DrinkWell transforms the arsenic and fluoride water crisis affecting over 200 million people across rural India and Bangladesh into entrepreneurial opportunity by blending proprietary filtration technology with a franchise business model.


  • Minhaj Chowdry
  • Education
  • US – National

Building an educational foundation for corrections inmates

Edovo improves inmate outcomes by incentivizing educational and vocational progress through tablets in correctional facilities. Investment in inmate education leads to reduced recidivism and lower taxpayer liability.


  • Brian Hill