Gratitude Network Summit 2023

Summit 2023 highlight: Polished Pebbles

“It’s the Gratitude Network, but I’d like to rename you the “Grace” Network”

Kelly Fair, Founder POLISHED PEBBLES
2022 Gratitude Network Fellow

In this 20min clip from our 2023 Summit, our 2022 Fellow Kelly Fair – founder of POLISHED PEBBLES – gives us a stellar presentation on the big plans she has for the organization.

We were really touched as she referred to our program as the “Grace Network” for the ongoing support and assistance that we have contributed to the organization, in support of their scaling efforts and navigating the challenges of growth.

Polished Pebbles has experienced significant growth, doubling their revenue and staff size since 2020. They focus on creating communication competencies and providing mentorship to young women, empowering them to pursue leadership roles. They have served over 10,000 girls and operate in Chicago, Illinois, with expansion efforts in Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Polished Pebbles, an Illinois Gold Star rated mentoring program, is a Chicago-based mentoring initiative that increases the communication skills and employ-ability of young women for the future workplace. Polished Pebbles helps girls ages 7-17 become effective communicators at home, school, and their future careers. The organization currently serves 500+ girls and young women per school year in Chicagoland, Indiana, Texas, and North Carolina. Since their inception in 2009, Polished Pebbles has worked with over 4,000 African-American and Latina girls and provided over 500 mentors to girls in more than 100 schools. These sites include Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Housing Authority communities, and University of Chicago Charter Schools. Polished Pebbles has also built partnerships with businesses such as iHeart Radio, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, ThoughtWorks, The Chicago Sky, the University of Chicago, Microsoft, Ann Taylor, and ComEd.

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