Honoring the Life & Legacy of Ann Singer


Honoring the Life & Legacy of Ann Singer

We have been so blessed to have Ann Singer in our lives. As a family member, as a friend, and as a Chief of Staff at Gratitude Network. Sadly, Ann passed away recently due to a sudden illness and we want to honor her life, her love and her legacy.

Ann touched so many lives with her passion, commitment to community, and the beautiful, heartfelt way she connected with so many people. We have all loved her smile and laughter and the wonderful way she carried her bling into our lives! You may see her obituary notice here.

She was also deeply committed to the work of Gratitude Network, which provides Fellowships to nonprofit leaders that work with underserved children around the world – to improve their access to quality education, health services and child services, including shelter and support to address child trafficking. Gratitude Fellows receive valuable leadership coaching and consulting to help them serve more children, more effectively. We invite you to visit the Gratitude Impact Dashboard to ‘meet’ over 160 Fellows and see their impact in helping to reach over 40 million children in need.

At the request of Ann’s family and friends, we honor her legacy with the Ann Singer Fellowship Fund. The Fund will provide scholarship funding to underwrite the cost of a one-year Fellowship. Fund donors – family, friends, companies (all of you!) – will be invited to attend a Zoom meeting with the selected Fellow to hear about their program and the important work that Annie is perpetuating in the world. Please share this web page with everyone you know as we share Ann’s compassion and commitment year after year.

Special thanks to The Shift Network for making the initial donation to launch this effort.

With gratitude

Steve McCoy-Thompson