Empowering Nonprofits through Corporate Collaboration


Empowering Nonprofits through Corporate Collaboration: Gratitude Network’s First Advisathon of 2024

In the spirit of corporate giveback and employee engagement, Gratitude Network recently hosted its first “Advisathon” of the year on January 8, 2024. This unique program, driven by the power of gratitude, brings together top-notch nonprofits within the Gratitude Network Fellowship program and pairs them with companies to address a specific challenge and help the non-profit grow their impact in the world. With an impressive track record of working with over 200 organizations in 70 countries, impacting 47 million children and achieving a remarkable 3X “return on investment“, Gratitude Network continues to make a meaningful impact on a global scale. See below how the accounting and tax team from Armanino LLP provided guidance to one of our Fellows.

The Advisathon Program: Connecting Corporate Wisdom with Nonprofit Challenges

At the heart of Gratitude Network’s approach is the Advisathon Program, inviting volunteer staff from companies to help selected Gratitude Network fellows address defined challenges. The ultimate goal is to support these organizations in scaling and sustaining their impact on children and youth, focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, career development, and children’s rights.

The Advisathon process involves several key stages:

1. ➤ Select: Gratitude Network collaborates with companies to identify a Fellow aligned with their team priorities. This Fellow, chosen from the US or around the world, represents a nonprofit working in a sector that resonates with the corporate partner.

2. ➤ Define: Together with the company and the Fellow, Gratitude Network outlines the discussion topic, ranging from strategic vision to impact measurement. The aim is to help the Fellow clarify challenges and explore options to make a lasting difference.

3. ➤ Onboarding: Gratitude Network ensures a smooth onboarding process, preparing the Fellow and the company’s team for a productive session. Logistics, scheduling, and options for donation, or employee matching are reviewed during this phase.

4. ➤ Deliver: The heart of the Advisathon involves a 1 to 1.5-hour session where company staff engage in discussions, brainstorming solutions, and framing action plans with the Fellow.

5. ➤ Follow-Up: Within six months, Gratitude Network provides a summary of how the Fellow implemented company staff comments and support. Further engagement and follow-up sessions are considered based on the impact.

6. ➤ Funding: Gratitude Network welcomes donations to support Fellowship Scholarships, ensuring nonprofit leadership teams can accelerate, scale, and sustain their impact.

A Success Story: Armanino’s Impact on Rosie the Riveter Trust

The recent Advisathon session featured Matt Petroski, a partner with Armanino LLP, a Top 20 CPA & Consulting firm in the U.S., Kate Hultin-Schott, a Director with Armanino LLP, and their outstanding team. They dedicated an hour to advise Rosie the Riveter Trust, the official nonprofit partner of Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, and their Executive Director, Sarah Pritchard.

Sarah and her team faced fundamental accounting challenges related to their expanding revenue stream. Armanino’s team, through the Advisathon, validated existing practices and suggested areas for improvement. Sarah expressed her gratitude, stating that the session provided practical advice and increased confidence in the Trust’s ability to grow and make a more significant impact.

Matt Petroski from Armanino echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact of the Advisathon session on his staff’s engagement with a nonprofit and the direct influence in the community.

Continuing the Impact: Engage, Empower, and Make a Difference

Gratitude Network hosts Advisathon sessions throughout the year with leading companies eager to engage employees and make a positive difference in the world. The program’s flexibility, allowing participation from the convenience of desktops, exemplifies the commitment to fostering meaningful collaborations.

As Gratitude Network continues to empower nonprofits and connect them with corporate expertise, the Advisathon program stands as a testament to the collective impact achievable through gratitude-driven collaboration. For those interested in learning more and joining this inspiring initiative, please contact Gratitude Network’s Executive Director, Steve McCoy-Thompson, at steve@gratitude-network.org.

Together, through the spirit of gratitude, companies and nonprofits can create lasting change and improve the lives of children and youth worldwide.