“Working with [my Coach] has helped me slow down my schedule to work a bit smarter and move faster.” – Mario Fedelin, Changeist

Changeist, found and led by 2019 Gratitude Fellow Mario Fedelin, is entering an exciting new phase and Gratitude is delighted to be supporting them with coaching and mentoring through our Fellowship.

Changeist is a “little league for civic action” – where young people (ages 11-26) transform into social changemakers.  Through a 6-month civic action experience, they learn socio-political problem-solving skills, engage in dialogue, and build community as they investigate local and global challenges.  

Founded and thriving in the Los Angeles, California area, Changeist is now posed to expand across the state as a program of AmeriCorp.  During this exciting growth period, Mario has been participating in the Gratitude Network Fellowship – specifically focusing on prioritizing and applying past learnings with the support of his Gratitude Coach Wilbur Herrington.  

The Gratitude Network is not the only organization that has recognized the great work of Changeist.  In April 2019, Mario and Changeist were selected for the Obama Foundation Fellowship as well. 

Congratulations to Changeist on all their exciting news and growth!