Gratitude GOLD Program

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One on One Coaching and Leadership Training for Emerging Leaders

The depth and diversity of our certified Coaches and Expert Advisors offers an unparalleled experience for team learning and individual mentorship customized to your company priorities. We call this the GOLD program (Gratitude Organizational Learning and Development).

We help you develop high-potential teams with 1:1 coaching.

Benefits of GOLD

  • Customized leadership development for high potential, corporate leaders
  • Retention and development of emerging leaders
  • Cross-functional leadership and lowering of silos across departments
  • Departmental leaders build trust, accountability, and communication — and they improve processes for managing a remote workforce and developing exceptional teams
  • Increased engagement, succession planning, and strength for your organization

Corporate Social Responsibility: GOLD

One of the best benefits: for every one of your employees enrolled in this program, we offer a year of leadership training and one-on-one coaching to a deserving social impact entrepreneur.

In addition, you may choose the organization to direct your gift to within three categories (Education, Health and Well-being, and Human Rights) and in a variety of countries/regions.

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How it Works

Your team chooses up to 24 high-potential leaders from your company to participate in GOLD.

We match highly experienced executive Coaches to each of your chosen participants.

Each participant receives monthly 1:1 coaching.

All participants engage in facilitated group learning sessions monthly — you choose from among a range of customized/curated topics.

You may choose 6- or 12-month engagement.

Customizable Group Modules

  • Developing Your High-Potential Team
  • Communications and Influence
  • Accountability and Delegation
  • Building Trust and Teamwork
  • Managing a Remote Workforce
  • Unraveling DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Watch Talin Andonians, Chief People Officer at Cupertino Electric, explain the benefits of the program.

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