Expert Advisor Spotlight: Vishal Gandhi

We are happy to be profiling one of our newer and more active Expert Advisors, Vishal Gandhi. Most recently, he joined our October Gratitude Peer Call and led a presentation on Measuring Success for our Fellows. In that talk, we covered multiple ways to approach viewing the success of a social impact organization by looking at how the solution impacts the lives of the beneficiaries served.

Vishal’s experience includes private and public sectors across multiple locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Mr. Gandhi’s other professional stints include social sector and international development consulting, investment banking, commodities research, and government and public policy. Vishal’s other areas of expertise include negotiation, sales and marketing, and strategy.

We are very grateful that Vishal continues to enjoy his role as an Expert Advisor for the Gratitude Network. He looks forward to engaging with more Fellows in 2020 to help them tackle challenges and expand their impact.

Coach Spotlight: Wilbur Herrington

By Vicki Daughtry

This month’s spotlight is on Wilbur Herrington, who is coaching for Gratitude for the first time this year and right off the bat, he took on two fellows! Both of his 2019 fellows started with similar issues around capacity; he is coaching them on not taking on more than they should, on improved delegation, and trusting other people. Sound familiar? In addition, Wilbur coaches his fellows on concentrating on better work/life balance. In sharing his most memorable experience as a coach, Wilbur says that it’s difficult to quantify assisting someone in seeing their presenting issue in a different light, addressing their concern, and partnering with them to discover a more complete and/or preferred way to show up in their life. He gives an example of one engagement in which his client’s presenting issue was wanting to be more effective in meetings. Wilbur was able to help her find both her voice and the personal power she previously would not accept.

Wilbur’s passion about coaching comes from a lifelong curiosity about people’s stories and how these stories manifest in their interaction with their world. Coaching for Wilbur is a symbiotic relationship. He takes their trust and the gift of their stories very seriously as he attempts to be of service. Wilbur finds that the work he does with clients also contributes to his own professional development and growth as a person, including learning from both successes and setbacks.

When asked about his outside interests, Wilbur shared that during the last year he has been working with incarcerated and recently released men through the Jericho Circle organization. Wilbur helps these men develop their emotional intelligence, and use tools
to come to terms with their inner struggles and the walls that separate them from their loved ones, communities and themselves. Finally, although it doesn’t sound like he allows himself much free time, Wilbur’s hobbies include diverse musical interests, gardening and baking; he finds all three relaxing, and they enable him to share his results with friends.

I extend my gratitude for your work, Wilbur!