Gratitude Awards Application

2018 Final Cohort

Application Deadline is March 15, 2018.


Award Categories

  • Education such as school systems, training of teachers, education technology, and early childhood programs as well as how/ what children learn at school or outside of the classroom (e.g. after-school or summer programs)
  • Health and Wellbeing such as addressing children’s basic needs, including poverty alleviation, nutrition, water, safe shelter, disease prevention, mental health, and social-emotional health
  • Children’s Rights such as protecting children and families from abuse, exploitation, trafficking, incarceration, and other harm, as well as other advocacy

Award Criteria

Gratitude Awardees and their organizations have:

  • Developed an innovative product/service, business model or approach
  • A strong leadership team
  • Tested their product/service
  • Tested/proven their business model
  • Revenue/funding
  • The potential and desire to impact many children and youth
  • The desire to scale the organization and are ready to do so
  • The desire to participate in the Gratitude Awards program consisting of coaching, mentorship, connections to peers and possible funding

Ready to Get Started?

There are three parts to the application:

  1. Basic information on the applicant and organization.
  2. Questions About the Organization (limit 2500 characters each) on:      
    • Solution/Approach
    • Beneficiaries and Customers
    • Leadership
    • Future and current business models
    • Innovation
    • Impact
    • Scaling Plans
    • Biggest needs
  3. Attachments (in pdf, png or jpg – maximum size: 10 MB):      
    • Leadership bios/resumes
    • Organization Summary/Annual Report
    • Financials
    • Institutional Reference
    • Video (optional).  

Additional Notes:

  1. You will be able to save your application for up to 30 days and return to it using a unique URL.  Be sure to enter your email address correctly to receive your application URL.
  2. Save your work between application pages by clicking the button on bottom left.
  3. It is recommended that you prepare your answers to Part 2 in advance in a separate document, and then cut and paste them into the application.

Gratitude Awards Application

Application Deadline is March 15, 2018.


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