The application process for

the 2018 Winter Cohort is now open!

Deadline is Sept 15, 2017.


We are excited to learn more about you and your organization.


Before applying, consider your fit with the Gratitude Awards. 

  • Does your organization primarily serve children and/or education (babies and toddlers, preschool, K-12 or primary or secondary)?  We are particularly looking for organizations that serve needy children, though other organizations serving children and education may also apply. 

Award Categories

  1. Education (including new approaches to education such as social-emotional and “blended” models)
  2. Health and Wellbeing (addressing children’s basic needs, including poverty alleviation, food, water, safe shelter and disease prevention)
  3. Learning Systems (innovative technology, platforms, apps, mobile, blended and interactive learning, etc.)
  4. Children’s Rights (protecting children and families from abuse, trafficking, incarceration and other harm)
  • Have you developed an innovative product/service, business model or approach?
  • Do you have a strong leadership team?
  • Have you tested your product/service?
  • Have you tested/proven your business model? Do you have customers?   Do you have revenue/funding?
  • Do you have the potential and desire to impact many children, adolescents, teachers, and/or schools?
  • Are you ready to scale your business, leading to a much greater impact and a sustainable or profitable organization?
  • Do you believe you can benefit from the Gratitude Award approach of coaching, mentorship, and connections to peers and possible funding?


We encourage applications from anywhere around the world. For our 2016 Cohort, we had about 550 applications from an estimated 30 countries around the world. The chosen finalists were from four different continents, with 60% from the U.S.


Ready to Get Started?

There are three parts to our application:

  1. Basic information on each applicant.
  2. Questions we have about your organization (limit 2500 characters each):      Who is your leadership? What are your biggest needs? Problems you are trying to solve? Future and current business models? Top competitors and differentiation? Customers? Method of measuring impact? Innovation? Collaborators?
  3. Attachments that we’d like from you (in pdf, png or jpg):      bios/resumes, overview deck or annual report, financials, executive summaries, institutional reference and optional video. Note that pdfs must be less than 10 MB> 

The application is designed to require less than one hour to fill out if you have already thought about these questions. But don’t let any question stop you from applying. If you don’t answer completely and we want to know more, we are happy for follow up!

Once you start an application, you will be able to save your work for up to 30 days and return to it using a unique URL.  We highly recommend you prepare your answers to Part 2 in advance in a separate document, and then cut and paste them in, so that if there is a system/internet failure you won’t lose your brilliant work!

NOTE:  As the deadline is near, the server occasionally hangs up.  Please save your work between pages (click the button on bottom left) and copy and paste the url and send the url to your email because we cannot retrieve your application  if it is lost!

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