I am grateful, Thankful for Hope. Hope endures.

Portland, OR United States

I’m grateful for the love and support of my family over the years and for the chance to gather together on Thanksgiving in gratitude for our good fortune. Sadly, only my dear Aunt Phoebe Ellsworth, my Mom’s sister and my beloved “fairy” Godmother, is the last surviving member of her generation, so I’d like to recognize her for all she’s done for our family and the community. A talented artist, fantastic cook, great storyteller, and a wonderful role model, she was once honored for her community service as “Citizen of the Year” in St. Helena, CA.

Oakland, California United States

I am grateful for being honored with holding my best friend’s hand as she passed peacefully from this world. And I’m grateful for all the memories we were able to create while we waited for that moment to arrive. And I’m grateful for having met such a stunning, gorgeous, girly spirit of a friend so long ago.

Orinda, California United States