I am grateful for all the people who have supported my husband and I through his Parkinson’s journey. He was diagnosed in 2008 and our kids, family, friends — and the organizations PAN, Parkinson’s Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation — have all held us up when times got rough. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Philip Star who performed brain surgery successfully on John and nurse Monica who maintains his stimulator. We’re surrounded by love and you can’t get better than that!

San Francisco, CA United States

Day 6 – 13 (Nov 14-21) I am grateful that the Opisoftcare deal and related job opportunity for me is still a candidate for funding by two investor groups. Negotiations have been going on for this since May; it’s a Cliffanger, with serious valuation issues and structuring complications. It also appears to be a deal the investors want to do and continue to work at, so I am grateful for their efforts and for the loyalty and transparency the Opisoftcare team has shown to me over this months. Henry M. Kaiser

Portland, Oregon United States

I have not suffered disability. I have been able to continue my journey, unlike my wife who died at age 65. My children had no health problems. and have superior executive functioning. I have enjoyed superior care all my like from Kaiser Permanente. I am 73 and have one cavity, and no addictions. When it comes to health, I am a 1 %-er.

Henry M. Kaiser MBA PsyD