SuitUp increases college and career awareness and preparedness for students in underserved communities through innovative business competitions – which are volunteer events for corporations that equip students for life beyond the classroom.

Lauren Reilly, 2019 Fellow, Suit Up Executive Director

Gratitude Fellowship Focus:

  • Expanding the reach and impact of SuitUp
  • Strategic planning for future sustainability
  • Defining team roles and effective hiring
  • Helping the Fellow manage a growing team
  • Creating and implementing employee growth plans to increase retention and grow talent


  • 87% increase in 2019 in the number of children SuitUp served
  • 8 cities reached in 2019, including New York, New Jersey, Boston, Ohio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London
  • 93% increase in 2019 volunteers, with over 1300 individuals supporting SuitUp’s mission
  • 134% increase in 2019 revenue


From the start to the completion of her Fellowship, Lauren…

  • Went from completely disagreeing to agreeing that the SuitUp has the right leadership team in place.
  • Made a significant shift in putting the right leadership team in place.
  • Put in place a better system for hiring. Increased SuitUp’s employee retention rate.
  • Strongly Aligned team members around the organization’s vision and strategy.
  • Went from somewhat agreeing to completely agreeing that SuitUp’s employee retention rate is good.
  • Went from disagreeing to completely agreeing that all SuitUp team members understand and are aligned around the organization’s vision and strategy.
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“I have a clearer picture about how to effectively grow and scale my organization after working with the Gratitude Network.”

“I set higher expectations for my team after working with Gratitude Network.”

“ I am a stronger, results-driven leader after working with my Gratitude Network Coach.”