Dovetail is dedicated to strengthening children’s (grades K-6) innate capacity for resilience, self-mastery, and empathy for others through its Toolbox Project curriculum, practices, and methods.

Chuck Fisher, PhD, 2017 Fellow, Dovetail Learning Executive Director

Gratitude Fellowship Focus:

  • Examining personal leadership development
  • Defining the optimal team structure
  • Evaluating, planning, and implementing a team 360 degree feedback program


  • Organizational transformation from Founder-led to
  • Change from a local to a national Board of Directors
  • 100,000 children served
  • 248 schools using TOOLBOX
  • In 81 cities across 16 US states (also in Canada, South
    Africa, France, Korea, Ghana, Peru, Germany, and
  • Requests from 35 countries and 25 US states
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