CFK exists to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change, improve the health and well-being of residents, and alleviate poverty in the informal settlements of Nairobi. CFK works with youth in Kibera through sports and peace development, girl’s empowerment, scholarships, maternal and newborn health clinics and children’s nutrition programs.

Hilary Omala, 2019 Fellow, CFK Executive Director

Gratitude Fellowship Focus:

  • Designing a plan for expansion
  • Developing an effective Board to support CFK
  • Fostering accountability across the team
  • Strategic marketing and communicating about CFK


  • 47% increase in 2019 in the number of children CFK served, including 33,320 patient visits,
  • 8,200 malnourished children treated and 9,540 youths educated
  • 24% increase in number of employees in 2019 for a total team of nearly 8010
  • 8% increase in 2019 revenue


  • CFK has an effective mechanism to track and report their impact on beneficiaries
  • CFK has the right type of governing Board in place
  • Every facet of CFK has a Team member assigned with accountability for ensuring goals are met.
  • Responsibilities are delegated appropriately to team

Kenya flag

“ We have a better expansion model, marketing
and fundraising plan and a clearer 3-year strategy.”

“ I am better at delegating and prioritizing tasks.”

“ I learned a lot of…extremely useful skills in people management.”