Gratitude Award Winners Announced for 2014

The Gratitude Network is excited to present its 2014 Gratitude Award winners:  GoodWorld Solutions (Oakland, CA), The Springboard Collaborative (Philadephia, PA), DrinkWell (Mumbai, India)  and Jail Education Solutions (Chicago, IL).

Jail Education Solutions – improves inmate outcomes by incentivizing educational and vocational progress through tablet-based curriculum in correctional facilities.  Jail Education was the winner of our “Audience Choice” (by popular vote)  at SOCAP14.

Goodworld Solutions – is our winner in category of Community Development, provides the first platform (“LaborLink”) to leverage the disruptive power of mobile to give voice to the global workforce and deliver real-time data to companies like Cisco and Patagonia to align sourcing practices with worker needs.

SpringBoard Collaborative – our 2014 winner in category of Education, addresses the reading achievement gap with programs and tools for coaching teachers, training family members, and incentivizing learning such that our scholars have the requisite skills to access life opportunities.

DrinkWell – Transforms the arsenic and fluoride water crisis affecting over 200 million people across rural India and Bangladesh into an entrepreneurial opportunity by blending proprietary filtration technology with a franchise business model. They are our winner in the category of Health.

Gratitude Award winners were chosen from the Nine Finalist companies who each presented on stage at The SOCAP14 event on September 5, 2014 – details can be found on this page.  Their presentations to the SOCAP14 audience on September 5th can be found at this link.  Our nine Finalists were narrowed down by a panel of experts from semi-finalists (who were covered in this article which appeared in YourMarkOnTheWorld, a blog by Forbes writer, Devin Thorpe).

This was the 2nd year The Gratitude Awards were held and our first year in partnership with SOCAP.  More information about all our portfolio companies can be found on this page.



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