Expert Advisor Spotlight: Vishal Gandhi

We are happy to be profiling one of our newer and more active Expert Advisors, Vishal Gandhi. Most recently, he joined our October Gratitude Peer Call and led a presentation on Measuring Success for our Fellows. In that talk, we covered multiple ways to approach viewing the success of a social impact organization by looking at how the solution impacts the lives of the beneficiaries served.

Vishal’s experience includes private and public sectors across multiple locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Mr. Gandhi’s other professional stints include social sector and international development consulting, investment banking, commodities research, and government and public policy. Vishal’s other areas of expertise include negotiation, sales and marketing, and strategy.

We are very grateful that Vishal continues to enjoy his role as an Expert Advisor for the Gratitude Network. He looks forward to engaging with more Fellows in 2020 to help them tackle challenges and expand their impact.

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