In this edition, the Gratitude Network is delighted to introduce you to Expert Advisor Keith Cobell.

Keith Cobell has worked with the Gratitude Network as an Expert Advisor and a Fellowship Selection Committee Member for over three years. He currently serves as President of Extollo International, a trade school and construction social enterprise in Haiti. His extensive experience in philanthropy has led to his involvement in several social enterprises on national and international levels.

Keith found a natural connection between his work in Rwanda, Belize, and Haiti and the Gratitude Network’s work of leveraging business to make a social impact. Keith connects with applicants and fellows to share expertise often related to strategic initiatives and fundraising. For example, Keith has recently worked with a 2019 fellow to create a plan for increasing contributive revenue through gap financing and donor communities.

On the topic of communicating with founders of organizations as an Expert Advisor, Keith says:
“When you’re a founder of course you’re often in your own head. I think that’s one of the things the Gratitude Network helps with—it pulls a community of people around these founders so that they’re not grinding it out alone. I feel more than happy to provide that support.”

We are thankful for Keith’s commitment to the Gratitude Network and value his expertise.

Fellows- Need help from Keith or another Expert Advisor? Contact Bruce for help.