Stories submitted by website visitors, talking about the gratitude they have experienced.

I am grateful, Thankful for Hope. Hope endures.

Portland, OR United States

I’m grateful for the love and support of my family over the years and for the chance to gather together on Thanksgiving in gratitude for our good fortune. Sadly, only my dear Aunt Phoebe Ellsworth, my Mom’s sister and my beloved “fairy” Godmother, is the last surviving member of her generation, so I’d like to recognize her for all she’s done for our family and the community. A talented artist, fantastic cook, great storyteller, and a wonderful role model, she was once honored for her community service as “Citizen of the Year” in St. Helena, CA.

Oakland, California United States

I am grateful for being honored with holding my best friend’s hand as she passed peacefully from this world. And I’m grateful for all the memories we were able to create while we waited for that moment to arrive. And I’m grateful for having met such a stunning, gorgeous, girly spirit of a friend so long ago.

Orinda, California United States

I am grateful for all the people who have supported my husband and I through his Parkinson’s journey. He was diagnosed in 2008 and our kids, family, friends — and the organizations PAN, Parkinson’s Foundation, Michael J Fox Foundation — have all held us up when times got rough. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Philip Star who performed brain surgery successfully on John and nurse Monica who maintains his stimulator. We’re surrounded by love and you can’t get better than that!

San Francisco, CA United States

I am grateful for the business opportunities that have come my way – even at age 73! This allow me to still have a meaningful sense of professional identity, which in turn sustains my interest in continuing to “give back” where, how, and when I can.

Day 6 – 13 (Nov 14-21) I am grateful that the Opisoftcare deal and related job opportunity for me is still a candidate for funding by two investor groups. Negotiations have been going on for this since May; it’s a Cliffanger, with serious valuation issues and structuring complications. It also appears to be a deal the investors want to do and continue to work at, so I am grateful for their efforts and for the loyalty and transparency the Opisoftcare team has shown to me over this months. Henry M. Kaiser

Portland, Oregon United States

I’m thankful for the faith I learned and the Biblical world view I received from my family and church… So glad I grew up in a country that has freedom of religion!
– Matt Ziebart

Portland, OR United States

I am grateful to the Gratitude Network for your support of our work for Children — TOOLBOX by Dovetail Learning — building Resilience, Self-Mastery, and Empathy for self and others. You are making it possible for us to scale our work to children everywhere.

With deepest appreciation, ~ Chuck Fisher, Executive Director

Sebastopol, California United States

I’m grateful for the gift of life and funny friends that make you have a good laugh – even after a very busy week. They’re all a true blessing.

Abuja, F.C.T. Nigeria

Day 4 is gratitude for being born in and as a Citizen of the United states of America. This makes me and my fellow citizens .001 %ers, globally.

Henry M. Kaiser MBA PsyD