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Message From Our Founder, Randy Haykin

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I’d share a bit about an intriguing book that a friend and Gratitude Ambassador recently introduced me to, called Second Mountain (a book by David Brooks). I loved the book and the metaphor that we all start out on our “first mountain” but at some point […]

Expert Advisor Spotlight: Vishal Gandhi

We are happy to be profiling one of our newer and more active Expert Advisors, Vishal Gandhi. Most recently, he joined our October Gratitude Peer Call and led a presentation on Measuring Success for our Fellows. In that talk, we covered multiple ways to approach viewing the success of a social impact organization by looking […]

Coach Spotlight: Wilbur Herrington

By Vicki Daughtry This month’s spotlight is on Wilbur Herrington, who is coaching for Gratitude for the first time this year and right off the bat, he took on two fellows! Both of his 2019 fellows started with similar issues around capacity; he is coaching them on not taking on more than they should, on […]

African Edutainment Company Ubongo Wins Next Billion EdTech Prize

Former Gratitude Network Fellow Ubongo, a Tanzanian-based company which creates fun, localized and multi-platform educational media that reaches millions of African families through television and the webs, has won the Next Billion Edtech Prize, an award launched by The Varkey Foundation to recognize innovative technology that can have an impact on education in low income […]


CHICAGO —Brian Hill lives an audacious mission: He’s out to save 2.3 million people from “The Jerry Springer Show.” That’s the population now held in America’s prisons and jails. And for Hill, the tawdry slapstick of Springer’s shout show exemplifies what’s wrong with prison: Prisoners have so much time on their hands that they fill […]

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris interviewed on City Arts and Lectures

As a pediatrician working in the Bay View-Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco, Nadine Burke Harrisnoticed that the children who came to her clinic with health problems—including ADHD, asthma, and eczema—had histories of severe adversity. Her research has shown that exposure to violence and stress affects the developing brains and bodies of children, resulting in increased instances […]

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris (2017 Gratitude Network Cohort) was named first-ever California Surgeon General by Governor Newsom

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday announced the appointment of a pediatrician as California’s first-ever surgeon general. Newsom said in a news release that Dr. Nadine Burke Harris will focus on combating the root causes of serious health conditions and use her office to reach young families across the state. Burke Harris is founder and chief […]